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Dance,you’reonfire’s album launch at Town hall featuring Double Adapter

Dance,you’reonfire is not only the most frequently misspelled band is South Africa but they are also one of the junior bands on the scene that are making the jump to becoming a serious player in the industry. I mean from their humble beginnings a few years back and now to them packing Town hall in JHB out and releasing a full length CD, who would think that they have been through member changes and a side step in musical genres. Dance,you’reonfire deserve all the rewards coming their way, they have been working hard, touring South Africa and playing in every venue except your grandma’s kitchen.

The lengths Dance,you’reonfire has come is evident by the amount of 18 year old girls that showed up to their show. The place was crawling with teeny boppers, a few some what “famous” individuals and a well soaked Mark and co. Roxanne Maritz open the evening with some tjunes, her stage name “Tht Grl DJ” seems to be popping up on regular occasions these days. With glow-in-the-dark head phones, I can understand why.

Dance,you’reonfire took to the stage and proceeded to tear it up, well it looked like it as we couldn’t hear anything but cymbals and the odd vocal line from Tom Manners. In all honesty it wasn’t that bad, but I get the feeling that the sound guys had severe hearing damage as everything was way too loud and strangely mixed. Perhaps I’m just a snob. As the set went on you could see why the band is receiving airplay on commercial radio stations all over the country, their mix of pop rock is easily accessible, but maintains integrity and is executed with precision. I am particularly impressed with Tom’s voice, his live show holds true to the recordings and I couldn’t fault a single element of his singing.Why Tom didn’t sing during the birth of this band is beyond me. Their new single Boxes of Tigers is proof of the bands maturity and it displays the fact the members of the band understand the South African music industry. I wish them luck and I hope that they can continue moving forward.

After the show the final act of the night Double Adapter took to the stage and basically ripped my fucking head off. The two Apter brothers played their blend of  “sexostyle.death glitch.electro.post” music and proceeded to make me dance like a retarded Mexican. I have know of them for quite a while but I have never made the effort to go see them play. I feel quite stupid seeing that they transformed me into an instant groupie. I vow to make it up to them by attending more of their shows.

In all it was a successful evening, they had a great turnout, the music was good and no one ended up in jail or in a gutter. Well done to Tom Manners, Adrian Erasmus, Paul van der Walt and James Andrews for the evening. You can catch them at Ramfest CPT on the 5th of March or Ramfest JHB on the 12th of March. Buy their CD or pirate it, which ever way you like to do it is up to you.